It is an urban and rural island tour. The places and villages are divercifying very much, therefore Hvar is an island continent in the Mediterranean. We explore its heritage from the time of Aristotle till the time of  the facebook.

Ancient time, the Old Greeks and Romans, Napoleon, Empress Sisi…they all left traces and therefore we could have good fun by art, arch, family culture, local inhabitants. gastronomy, wine, oil and economy.

Hvar world culture heritage  is protected by UNESCO and we kindly  share it with guests from all the world.                                                                                            The Renaissance was sourcing the passion by antique. It is well seen on this tour.           By guiding I took moto fm P. Hektorović  RES EX NOMINE!  written on his fortress for everyone.

A small, moved out and atractive Renaissance town of my forfathers is mistical, like the guest say. It will be pleasure to great you there in Malo Grablje.

Looking forward to greeting you  on a tour.

My wish is that You could feel like a local in your ancient, Renaissance, neo classical  or fashionable home on Hvar. The chair by the table is waiting for you.

Iincluded in price;    excelent guiding, the local cuisine lunch,  fruit, and transportation. Comfortable shoes, hat, sun glasses and long sleeves are recommended.                                                        

The tour is designed by        Doris Tudor Krusec,                           tel. 00 385 92 212 44 08.                                                                               royalEdward&Willis