“The town of Hvar is a theatre. We are on its  stage…”

tells Doris.

Guests charmed by the townarchitecture in the heart of Hvar are looking at scene, the Hvar houses built by free citizens, fishermen, farmers, merchants and others.  The house of her grandma is also between them. 

Pjaca-is  the stage of  the world history in mediterranean. The queen Teuta, Demetrius of Hvar, pirates, crusaders,

captains, Hanibal with Slavegirl, the dragon Zvir and the globals from Hvar have been apearing on it for centuries.

The fashion of  Antique, Venice, Napoleon and Empress Elizabeth was walking through the town. Today you could see the fashion, styles and offs. They suit well to Hvar philosphy of freedom.

For the last 400 years the life in town was influenced by  the first public  theatre in Europe, opened in Hvar. There was a need for it. The life has demanded on it.

Free citizens and farmers were expressing  on its stage and attending the theathre beside others. The theathre was the consequency of the  culture and the character of Hvar. There was a lot of humor  on the scene already at that times.

Urban and rural life beside independant character and open economy  have been creating the original urban logic for hundreds of years.







 1. 30 min,   90 kn/ person,   orientational tour with a cup of coffee by Empress Elisabeth

2. 60 min, 150,00 kn/ person, city tour;

3. 150 min,  390,00 kn/ per person ( entrance fee not included)

city tour with both fortress and the st. Franciscus Monastry;

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