Hvar –This town  is a  theatre!

We are on its  stage…

A guest in Hvar stops walking  by reaching the pjaca.  Charmed by the open space and art of building he  gets curious what was  all this arch for? The town is built in two halves with pjaca in the middle.   

The nobles and ordinary people were sharing pjaca,  original democracy and renaissance. Succesful original economy  assured attractive life quality and art got a part of it.  Acting, like  a way of amusment, brought the first open, communal theatre in Europe in Hvar more then 400 yoars ago.

 There was a lot of humor  on the scene already at that times.

Urban and rural life beside independant character and open economy  have been creating the original urban logic for hundreds of years.



 1. 30 min,   95 kn/ person,   orientational tour with a cup of coffee by Empress Elisabeth

2. 60 min, 150,00 kn/ person, city tour;

3. 150 min,  390,00 kn/ per person ( entrance fee not included)

city tour with both fortress and the st. Franciscus Monastry;

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English, German, Slovene, Croatian are spoken