Alavia Hvar Wine( tasting) & Cuisine  – island adventure; 7 hrs

Wine and cuisine says most about the life. Vineyards and olive culture on Hvar is older than Jesus.

We will follow the wine and explore the  wine and island.

By tasting  the wine we will see  the Politeo Paradox.

We will do it in the heart of Hvar like in the old Arcadia.

Our local cuisine is influenced by many cultures in 3000 years. Beside traveling through the rural and urban island,

eating locally, we will meet the locals  and their art of living.

 The main dish will be served in the cosy local way to get closer with our culture.

Alavia recommends: comfortable shoes for walking in the countryside and through city, a hat, long sleeves

Price: 950,00 kn;

Snacks, fruit, aperitiv, main dish, sweets and two glasses of wine are included.