“Hvar is an island continent in the mediterranean.”  


says Doris Tudor Krušec, by explaining about people, heritage, economy, art of



Her father’s family has been living on Hvar  for more then 500 years.

Her grandfather was good at wine business and wine trade. His brother was called the Kingo di Lavanda   She has been collecting the stories and originalities from Hvar since her childhood and presents the island  also with them beside world  culture  and original  heritage of Hvar.

It is easy to move or relax on Hvar. The nature rhythm pushes you or stop you by “fjaka” .                    Being in the nature and in the  middle of the sea recovers you very fast. Hvar is an ancient home and it could awake your identity.

Doris suggests  exploring the islad through olives, wine till the urban life on Hvar. Her program runs like the time river on Hvar from Aristotles till the time of facebook.  It flows through the real cannyon into the sea. 

She has the old olive farm, and ha

She suggests  – walking with pooles, kayaking beside exploring the  art of living arch, art and cuisine. You could feel mediterranean,  relaxed and satisfied.

The program calls SPARA.