Hvar is an island continent in the Mediterranean.

It is small and self-sufficient world in the middle of the sea.

People were coming to Hvar from different cultures, in different times and were living in closed communities. My family after my father came almost 600 years ago.

Island Continent

My grandfather was good at wine and wine trade. His brother was the best in lavender and called the King di Lavanda. I have been collecting the stories and originalities from Hvar since childhood.

Life has been rational. People have been real. Since ever. Island.

On the island the life is slower, connected with nature, sun  shows the time.

“Spara” is still used for bearing the burden and  “trimi”, small, round Sheppard houses have been here for 3000 years or more.


Are you tired from virtual? You have pains in your neck, shoulders? Spine?  Maybe you need the real time on Hvar.

It includes walking, paddling, dancing, exploring the finest culture mixture, well eating and

follow the fjaka.


Why walking?  Dancing?

For correcting your posture naturally and get fit by having fun.

Why paddling?

For exploring shadows of blue, coastal relief, correcting posture and meet your natural rhythm.

Why to explore the finest culture mixture?

Because Hvar is a stage of the world history. It is like travelling on a time river through thousands of years through the real canyon into the sea. Like taking part in a good movie from Aristotle time till the time of a face book.

Cuisine is very serious part of the culture mixture. It keeps the traces of all cultures beside wine and olive oil.

What is fjaka?

…something like a bit of Zen – in Mediterranean way! Explore it!


Let me suggest natural holidays on Hvar with personal arrangements by size and Alavia!

Doris Tudor Krušec